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You Asked...We Answered

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Q: Should I stop taking my meds while taking your herbs or herbal products?

A: NO! Please do NOT stop taking your meds while taking any of Holistically Made’s products. It can be dangerous to abruptly discontinue pharmaceutical medications without your medical profession’s consent and extremely difficult for a person to choose an acceptable alternative(s) to their treatment.

Our products do not take the place of your medical profession, nutritionist or dietician orders. You may seek the advice of your medical professional before taking any products or incorporating any dietary changes are implemented. 

Q: Is herbal medicine safe?

A: Yes! If carefully used and used when you know what you’re doing. Herbs (plant/botanical medicines) are also drugs, and they have a profound affect on the human body. There are many medicinal herbs that are also used in everyday foods and are generally safe, as well as stronger herbs that are used for medicinal purposes with appropriate caution. Herbs can affect multiple body systems in targeted ways while also working synergistically with the body for a holistic treatment approach (allowing minimal to no side effects in the process).

Q: Who can benefit from herbal medicine?

A: Herbal medicine can benefit everyone as long as the correct herbs and dosages are used. Some herbs are too potent in action to use in pregnancy, for young children and frail individuals.

Q: How do I take my herbal products?

A: Each of your herbal products will come witH full instructions on how to take them. Herbs can be come in the following forms:

· Tonics, cleanses, detoxes (take as directed)

· Teas (brew as instructed), 

· Tincture (take prescribed amount diluted in water), 

· Powder (dissolve in water, smoothies, or organic/cold pressed juices)

· Capsules (take as directed)

· Ointment or cream (apply to skin as directed)

· Syrups (take as directed)

Q: Do you make all of the herbal products yourself?

A: Yes, we do. We purchased our herbs and herbal products from reputable and ethical suppliers in the US, Caribbean Islands (Jamaica, Bahamas, Grenada, Tobago, Costa Rica), UK, and Canada ensuring that all herbs I use are sustainably sourced, wild-crafted and organic. We make a range of products, including detoxes, cleanses, tinctures, teas, tonics, creams and syrups.


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