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7-Day Detox Recommendations

How to Take the 7-Day Detox: Drink 4 oz of each of the Chelation, Parasite-Mucus and Liver Detox cleanses prior breakfast or bedtime. The cleanses are BITTER however as your palate changes over the next few days, the taste will not be as shocking as the first 3 days. 

How to Chase the Detox Taste: After you drink each of the detoxes you can chase it (bite) with something citrus like an orange or a lemon if not too sour. You can also drink 100% fruit juice. 

How to Take if Taking Medications: Please do NOT stop taking your meds while taking the 7-Day Detox. We recommend that you take your meds 1 HOUR before or after taking the liquid detoxes.

How to Store: Please keep all liquid products REFRIGERATED. You may drink the detox at room temperature or warm them up on the stove prior to consuming.

Recommended Foods to Avoid: No fried, processed, canned or fast foods. No whites: sugars, flour, rice, bread and pasta. No diary products. You may eat sweet potatoes and breads that are non-yeasted such as Ezekiel Bread, breads that baked using slow, deliberate rising. Fast Foods: If you must go through a drive-thru choose something healthy like a salad. No meats. However, if you must eat meat I recommend that you eat 4 to 6oz of lean chicken or seafood once a day. (Grilled or baked not fried.)

Recommended Foods to Eat: Fruits and vegetables (organic is preferable), nuts and seeds, grains such as quinoa, steel oats, fonio, kamut, wild rice are recommended also.

Recommended Drinks: 1 gallon of water daily, coconut water, herbal teas, and 100% all-natural, organic juices. No sodas or diet drinks, drinks, which contain a lot of sugar.

Recommended Condiments: - use pure sea salt on your meals - use condiments low in sugar or carbs - use 100% pure agave (Brand: Wholesome), date sugar (Options: Grade A honey or stevia as a sweetener)

- use vegan butters

Recommended Oils: Olive oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, avocado and coconut oil. Recommended Flours: coconut flour, almond, or spelt are good alternatives. Good flour brand to use is Bob’s Red Mill.

Special Note: Be sure to take before and after pictures, weight, and make notations of how you feel.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from person-to-person when taking the detox. The food recommended above does not take the place of your medical profession, nutritionist or dietician orders. You may seek the advice of your medical professional before any dietary changes are implemented.

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