Our Prostate Blend medicinal herbal tea purifies the blood stream and tissue preventing infection, and repels and kills organisms and inhibit their growth. It is beneficial in eliminating excessive fluid from the urinary tract, soothes or reduces inflammation from the tissues directly. It also boosts your energy levels, relieves or corrects impotence and improves sexual function, helps to rid the body of parasites, helps to heal the kidneys, increases bile flow and improve overall liver functions. 


Servings: 30


Loose Herb Tea: Simmer 1 teaspoon loose herbs to 8-10 oz spring or distilled water for 20 minutes. Cool, strain and serve. Refrigerate all unused tea immediately to prevent the formation of bacteria.


Special Recommendations: We recommend you drink 1 - 3 cups daily or as needed.


Please note that individual results may vary from person to person.

Prostate Blend

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