The 7-Day CAPSULE Detox includes Chelation, Liver & Parasite-Mucus Capsules.


Our 7-Day Detox capsule cleanse, reset, rebuild, revitalize, reenergize and restore your body to the cellular level. It rejuvenates your gut health, eliminate toxins, increases your energy, re-adjusts your palate, kills sugar and junk food cravings, increases your metabolism, assists in weight loss, nourishes your body, cleanses heavy metals, toxins, parasites, mucus and bacteria out of your body and so much more. You may notice an increase in the number of trips to the restroom in the first few days, this is normal and a part of the process however it may tamper off towards the end of the cleanse. Your stomach will not hurt and you will release with ease. :)



Our Chelation Cleanse is an intracellular proprietary blended formula is designed to removes toxins, heavy metals, acids and poisons from the blood, colon, liver, kidneys, skin, lungs, and the lymphatic system in the capsule form. It helps to balance your gut flora, prevent candida overgrowth and restore digestive health. It can mildly increase bowel movements between 3 to 6 times a day.


Active Ingredients: Rumex Crispus, Brickellia Grandiflora, Cnicus benedictus



Our Liver Detox is an all-natural, wild-crafted herbal detox capsule supplement designed to support and promote good overall liver health. It detoxifies the liver down to the intracellular level by moving built up waste, toxins and stagnant debris through the body’s elimination system. It enhances the body's ability to burn fat faster, protects against toxins, improves digestion and encourages regeneration and detoxification.


Active Ingredients: Silybum marianum, Barberry root, Beet root, Dandelion, Sweet Fennel, Oregon grape root, parsley, wild yam root, liverwort, cayenne


Our Parasite Mucus Cleanse is a gentle, safe and effective way of killing parasites and intestinal worms inside your body in the capsule form. Our proprietary blended formula contains powerful wild-crafted herbs designed to help reduce cravings for sweet, salty and junk foods, improve the digestive system, and support the gastrointestinal tract which aids in reducing feelings of gas, bloating and intestinal upset.


Active Ingredients: Juglans Nigra , Plantago Major and Artemisia Absinthium. Please note that Juglans Nigra (Black Walnut Hull) herb powder does not contain any form of nuts. 


It is important to take the cleanse as directed. *We do recommended a minimum 14 to 21 day cleanses when taking it for the first time and longer for chronic conditions.


Special Note: Do not drink alcohol, take recreational drugs or smoke hookahs while detoxing. Our recommendations on how to take the 7-Day Detox will be sent to you separately. You may also find in our Blog.


Individual results may vary from person to person based on body size, medical conditions, and other factors and are not guaranteed.


All sales are final. No refunds.

7-Day Detox Capsules

  • In order to protect our consumers and the integrity of our products no refunds or returns are allowed. All Sales Are Final. If a product arrives damaged, please see our Risk of Loss Policy.

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