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Our Fibroid Womb Detox contains medicinal herbs that aid in the cleansing and removal of old uterine membranes while restoring homeostasis. It gently provides effective wellness support for women's reproductive health. Our detox assists with removing toxins and waste from your colon, moves mucus, waste and chunks of old blood, relieves bloating, builds up iron in your blood, reduces the amount of blood and excessive bleeding during your menstrual cycle, decreases the number of days for a woman's menstrual cycle, helps to reduce and eliminate menstrual cramps, reduces fibroids, moves out fibrous tissue, assists with other womb issues such as PCOS, bacterial vaginosis (BV), IBS, endometriosis, digestive challenges and more.


Taste: Bitter 


Individual results may vary from person-to-person depending on nutritional, mental and emotional lifestyle. 


How to Store: Keep Refrigerated at all times. No preservatives.


Serving Size: 16 ounces. 


How to Take: Take 2 ounces prior to breakfast and 2 ounces prior to bedtime. 



Fibroid Womb Tonic

SKU: 0111FWT
  • In order to protect our consumers and the integrity of our products no refunds or returns are allowed. If a product arrives damaged, please see our Risk of Loss Policy.

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